Inclusivity and gender equality

Permette di riscoprire un nuovo modo di vivere, più consapevole e gioioso, avere migliori performance lavorative e relazioni più soddisfacenti

It is well known how gender equality is an engine of economic growth and development. A full appreciation of female talent and diversity inclusion becomes a key element in creating a company’s economic growth, as confirmed by multiple international organizations. If women workers were numerically equal to workers, GDP in Italy would increase by 11 […]

Introducing yourself: communication and awareness

Are we aware of our communication patterns? Are we aware of what our non-verbal communicates? The first and fundamental objective of this course is to know how to best present our “product”, who we are. Through the video study of our own presentation, we analyze our way of communicating, our strengths and the “self-sabotage” that […]

Theater and Presence

Ritiri di Mindfulness e Yoga in location suggestive ed esclusive per ritrovare il naturale equilibrio tra corpo e mente

When there is no presence, there is absence, deficiency, lack. This is enough to make us understand the importance of this “state of being”, presence. I remember about 30 years ago, my theater teacher, the great actress Edda Albertini, told me: “if I want to, I can go into a bar and be watched by […]

Mindfulness, we take care of the self

A course to eliminate stress and make room for new energy necessary to discover and express the potential of each individual It seems almost normal, nowadays, to live in a constant state of slight anxiety, stress, lack of energy and concentration. More and more people seek support to solve the many challenges or difficulties that […]