Nuovi Abiti Mentali

Nuovi Abiti Mentali (New Mental Clothes) was born from the deep experience of the partners in the field of wellness and from the observation of the increasing awareness of people of the need to cultivate their psycho-physical well-being.

The idea is absolutely innovative, as it provides a new approach to wellness type integral / holistic, which concerns the whole person.

Therefore, disciplines are used that integrate the most ancient traditions related to psycho-physical well-being with disciplines that adopt more modern techniques, which are adapted to a Western lifestyle. It should be emphasized that we are talking about approaches, as specified in detail below and as reported in the bibliography, whose benefits in reducing stress and improving psycho-physical health, have been proven by numerous scientific research (thanks to new technologies of neuro-imaging RMF).

World organizations that monitor the well-being of the population point out that not only the constant increase in the level of stress in adults has strong repercussions on the psycho-physical health of the individual (Global Organization for Stress, 2016; International Stress Management Association, 2016) but also that children around the world are subjected to high levels of stress on a daily basis (American Psychological Association, 2015).

This has become even more evident with the Covid pandemic, the effects of which on the mental health of individuals have been devastating.

It is a human being’s right to be able to cultivate their mental and physical health.