Maria Pia Ferdinandi

Graduate in Business Administration, Science of educaIon and Work Psychology and Organizational Wellbeing; Master’s degree in Communication, Relationship and Human Resource Management according to the Psychosocial Gestalt method; graduate of the Italian Center for Mindfulness Studies and the Mindful School (California, USA); Carries out the professional activity of Certified Public Accountant and regularly holds Mindfulness […]

Ilenia Guerrieri

Criminal lawyer for over 25 years, specializing in criminal law and criminology with a focus on crimes in the family sphere and all forms of gender discrimination. Head of the Family Crimes Commission of the Criminal Chamber of Rome, corporate consultant for Iso 125: 2022 gender equality certification and Vice President of the Women at […]

Francesca Biasillo

Civil lawyer with many years of experience in family law. Always attentive to the reasons of gender equality and the protection of the weak within the family consortium.

Francesca Maria Salerno

Graduated in Psychology, specialized in Work and Organizational Psychology, instructor of MBSR Protocols (graduated from the Italian Center for Mindfulness Studies), Master at CISM, Master of 4 years of Yoga and Meditation training with the Sattva Yoga academy (Rishikesh, India), founder of the Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness center “Sattva Roma”, trainer for schools of specialization […]

Maria Cristina Fiacconi

Civil litigation attorney experienced in employment law with fiduciary appointments also assisting public health companies. Lecturer in labor law at Giunti Treccani Academy and Wolters Kluwer Ipsoa Training School.

Lavinia Rossi Espagnet

Lawyer, specializing in criminal law, with special reference to crimes against the person, the family, personal freedom and morals. Member of the Crimes in the Family Commission of the Criminal Chamber of Rome. Over time, training has also been directed to the administrative responsibility of companies and entities and to the field of health law, […]

Marta Zoffoli

Actress of international fame – from the red carpet of Cannes to the Tribeca Film Festival – and well-known face of Italian TV. Graduated at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and Master counseling Gestalt; since 2003 she deals with training with particular attention to the development of the “awareness” of the student.

Margherita Adorisio

Actress in the theater since 1985, has worked with leading Italian and foreign directors with leading roles, always attentive to the study of the deepest aspect of the human being and how this can find expression in its most natural form that is the “representation”, teaches acting to professional actors and amateurs with a personal […]

Paola Cittadini

Registered as a lawyer in Rome and qualified to practice before the Superior Magistrates’ Courts, business consultant with extensive training in criminal matters, with particular attention to all forms of discrimination and harassment in the company . Consultant for Iso 125:2022 certification and the abolition of the gender gap .