The awareness

of successes.

Nuovi Abiti Mentali


It is a start up in the world of Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga, which is aimed at companies and professionals to support economic growth based on a new way of doing business and enterprise.

We believe that success is realized starting from one’s inner career.

Our courses, based on Mindfulness, allow the management of work-related stress and to develop a more effective and efficient mind.

If you want to make your way

Start with your inner career

Don't allow stress to hold you back


After the stress of the pandemic, it’s a magical time for Italian businesses; thanks to the NRP, recovery has exceeded 6 percent this year and could run sustained throughout next year.


It is a capacity of the mind that allows us to experience the present moment with an attentive, curious and open attitude; it is a special way of being present to everything we are experiencing.

It is a quality of mind, a capacity that must be trained!

Keep N.A.M.

not stress

For over 30 years, scientific studies (also thanks to MRI – Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) have shown that Mindfulness increases psycho-physical well-being, acting on:

  • Stress reduction
  • Greater concentration-attention
  • Improved memory
  • Improved performance and creativity
  • Native correlation with Whorkaholism and Burnout
    Improved management of emotions
  • Anxiety control
  • Reduction of depression

Mindfulness strengthens executive functions, which are the basis for planning, creating strategies, problem solving, creativity in the search for solutions, emotional self-regulation, focused attention (selection of stimuli).

In general, human relationships are improved as you assume a more welcoming attitude towards yourself and others.

Riscopri la Bellezza della Vita con il nostro Nuovo Percorso di Mindfulness

Ogni Mercoledì dal 17 aprile presso Sattva Yoga Roma in Via Barletta 29