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Inclusivity and gender equality

It is well known how gender equality is an engine of economic growth and development.

A full appreciation of female talent and diversity inclusion becomes a key element in creating a company’s economic growth, as confirmed by multiple international organizations. If women workers were numerically equal to workers, GDP in Italy would increase by 11 percent.

Women’s participation in economic life and in economic and political decisions results in a broadening of perspectives that is essential to drive innovation and performance.

More inclusive companies are able to create higher value: numerous studies identify the positive correlation between the presence of women in decision-making positions and performance.

What is the corporate culture holding back the growth of gender equality?

New Mental Clothes, proposes a course to stimulate and start the path of awareness and knowledge, necessary to eliminate, if it exists, the corporate gender gap and create inclusiveness, as required by current legislation to obtain gender equality certification (L. 162 of 5/11/2021 – UNI/PdR 125:2022).

The course includes an in-depth study of the following topics:

  • Preliminary analysis of the path taken by the company to manage gender equality and inclusiveness and the current situation: measures taken to reduce the gender gap in relation to growth opportunities in the company, equal pay for equal tasks, gender difference management policies, and maternity protection;
  • Regulatory references: implementation of National and European principles on discrimination;
  • Creating sensitivity on the issue of diversity and inclusion and diversity training;
  • Gender stereotypes;
  • Words as the first form of discrimination.


In presence, On line


In presenza

  • Luogo di svolgimento: sede aziendale;
  • Numero di partecipanti: max. 20 persone;
  • Numero 3 incontri settimanali della durata di 2 ore.


  • Numero di partecipanti: max. 25 persone
  • Numero 3 incontri settimanali della durata di 2 ore ciascuno;

Naturalmente, sulla base delle Vostre specifiche esigenze è possibile articolare i corsi secondo modalità differenti.

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