Mindfulness, we take care of the self

A course to eliminate stress and make room for new energy necessary to discover and express the potential of each individual

It seems almost normal, nowadays, to live in a constant state of slight anxiety, stress, lack of energy and concentration. More and more people seek support to solve the many challenges or difficulties that life offers us.

Thanks to its effectiveness, Mindfulness is currently applied worldwide in many contexts (companies, hospitals, universities, schools, prisons, …) to improve all physical and mental pathologies related to stress.

The program develops and enhances our awareness (Mindfulness), allowing us to:

manage daily stress, both in work and family situations;
Reduce anxiety and mental brooding;
improve performance;
Improve attention span and memory
free ourselves from conditioned schemes and automatisms, increasing creativity and problem-solving ability;
improve relationships and conflict management, transforming our ability to listen and reducing automatic reactivity.

More generally, Mindfulness allows us to rediscover a new way of life, more conscious and joyful, to have better work performance, with more satisfying relationships and a deeper and more genuine contact with the people we love.

The course is structured in such a way as to allow us to meet the many situations of life, work and family, with a different attitude, to strengthen the ability to manage them peacefully, to welcome them and take care of them.

But that’s not all. The human being is almost completely absorbed by compulsive doing, he is increasingly afraid to stop, simply to be, to listen to himself.  Thanks to this deep work on our awareness we experience something extraordinary: dedicating some time to us, a time simply to “be”, to “feel”, rediscovering precisely this ability to listen to us, we will see how the “time of doing” becomes lighter and more conscious and with better performance.

The course is carefully structured (formal and informal practices) so as to allow you to acquire mastery of the tools proposed and the ability, at the end of the course, to carry them out independently. Each meeting explores a specific aspect of our level of awareness (of the body, emotions, relational modes, …). 

The work at home, an integral part of the course, helps to progressively consolidate the new tools proposed. 

After each meeting, audios of the practices, in-depth study sheets and readings are sent for download.



In presence, On line


Numero di partecipanti: massimo 15 persone;
Struttura del corso: 8 incontri della durata di due ore, con cadenza quindicinale ed un intensivo di 3 ore;
seguono 4 incontri di follow-up (uno ogni 2 mesi).
Struttura del corso: 8 incontri della durata di un ora e trenta minuti, con cadenza quindicinale ed un intensivo di 2 ore e 30 minuti;
seguono 4 incontri di follow-up (uno ogni 2 mesi).

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